Independent aged care service provider Umbrella Inc delivers a range of services to over 450 eligible consumers from 50 countries of birth under Home and Community Care (HACC) program.

Our staff speak over 30 languages and our services include: domestic assistance, garden maintenance, personal care, respite support, shopping, transport, social support and centre based day care.

We also provide counselling, support, information & advocacy carer support programs and carer retreats breaks.

Company Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc
Location Bedford WA


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Home and Community Care

Umbrella currently delivers a range of programs to support older people from div…

Home and Community Care

Supplied by Umbrella

Umbrella currently delivers a range of programs to support older people from diverse populations to remain in their homes and in their local community, including: domestic assistance, respite, personal care, individual social support (assistance with shopping, appointments, social contact, etc), gardening, home maintenance, Centre Based Day Care, transport, small group social support (including groups targeting specific languages & cultures, spiritualties, and other commonalities that bring people together, men’s programs, an Internet Café).

Whilst many programs operate on a regularly scheduled basis, Umbrella provides flexibility for consumers interested in undertaking evening and weekend activities and provides opportunities for consumers to participate in relevant cultural, spiritual and community events that enhance ongoing connections with their communities. Umbrella also provides support to carers and is currently implementing the Visiting Angels program under the Community Visitors Scheme. Umbrella also operates an effective brokerage service with ongoing brokerage arrangements with over 20 aged care providers (including those currently delivering Commonwealth Home Care Packages (HCP)) whose consumers require specific support to meet their needs eg. language, culture, spirituality and sexuality.

All services are delivered from a wellness philosophy that respects individual’s capacity to do some tasks themselves – our approach is to provide the support where it is most needed (either permanently or for a period of time) whilst encouraging maximum independence and participation for the individual eg. a consumer may no longer be able to raise their arms to hang washing on the line – Umbrella will support the consumer to maintain their independence in this area by encouraging the consumer to do the washing themselves and then assisting the support worker to hang it on the line. Umbrella is currently providing support to over 430 people from nearly 50 countries of birth.

Services are supported by approximately 65 trained staff and volunteers with over 20 languages spoken and are delivered throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Umbrella is proactive in seeking and employing staff to meet the needs of particular groups in the community as it is identified there is a need and a gap. Umbrella undertakes police and licence checks with all staff and volunteers on a biannual basis and is currently introducing Statutory Declarations as a part of Commonwealth requirements.

Staff training includes: minimum qualification of Certificate III in HACC / Aged Care, current Senior First Aid, mandatory annual training in OHS (manual handling) and CPR. In addition, staff are encouraged to undertake additional training in specialist areas including around dementia, mental illness, continence, etc.

We are also about to commence a program supporting some staff undertaking their Certificat


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