TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute is a vocational education and training provider with a network of 19 campuses in southern NSW. We also provide training to international locations and our innovative and adept staff offer services online and in the workplace.

Leveraging our strong connections with industry, business and individual students, we ensure the needs and aspirations of our clients are met. Plus we can customise our products and create new ones in response to changing industry needs.

Company TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
Location Wagga Wagga NSW


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Support For Senior Living

Provision of training to underpin high quality care for senior living in both re…

Support For Senior Living

Supplied by TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

Provision of training to underpin high quality care for senior living in both residential facilities and home based situations. The training uses a combination of online delivery supplemented with remote student - trainer contact.

In some particular training contexts face to face interaction is fundamental to the development and assessment of skills. A number of different strategies are used to provide this additional level of contact.


Current export locations:

  • Middle East
    • United Arab Emirates

Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

  • Asia (Mainland South-East)
    • Thailand
  • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Malaysia
    • Singapore
  • Asia (Southern)
    • India
    • Maldives
  • Middle East
    • Saudi Arabia


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Primary contact
Anne Lowe
Director - Community Services Health and Educational Pathways
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Leanne Hogan
Manager of Education and Training - Community Services, Health and Sport and Rec

Consider calling during business hours - it is 4:54am on Tuesday in New South Wales.