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PowerHealth Solutions (PHS) specialises in activity based costing, hospital billing, budgeting and safety learning solutions for healthcare organisations. We are a market leader in Australia and New Zealand, with international recognition in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Quality-accredited since 2001, our skilled and experienced team specialises in large-scale implementations at public hospitals, state health departments, district health boards and private hospitals.

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PowerPerformance Manager

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is the leading activity based costing solution in…

PowerPerformance Manager

Supplied by PowerHealth Solutions

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is the leading activity based costing solution in Australia.

It consolidates hospital data from clinical, administration and financial systems to give valuable business insight into hospital costing, revenue, performance and profitability.

PPM calculates detailed costing of hospital service delivery at the finest granularity (cost output by service) to allow reporting at any higher level as required (eg service line, encounter, patient, DRG, private health fund).

PPM is internationally recognised with clients in the US, the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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PowerBilling & Revenue Collection

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is the first fit-for-purpose health…

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection

Supplied by PowerHealth Solutions

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is the first fit-for-purpose healthcare billing system in the world, and is already used by hundreds of hospitals throughout Australia and Hong Kong.

PBRC is designed exclusively for healthcare organisations to reduce the high labour cost of patient billing through the automation of complex billing process for efficient and accurate processing.

The highly efficient automated processing speeds up the lead time between service provision and payment collection, leading to improved cash flow.

Revenue collection is also increased as the automated billing ensures no services are missed.


Current export locations:

  • Entire region
    • Ireland
    • Middle East
    • New Zealand
  • Asia (Chinese) (includes Mongolia)
    • Hong Kong (SAR of China)
  • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom & Channel Islands
    • United Kingdom

Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

  • Entire region
    • Asia (Central)
    • Asia (Chinese) (includes Mongolia)
    • Asia (Mainland South-East)
    • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Asia (Southern)
    • Europe (Eastern)
    • Europe (Northern)
    • Europe (South Eastern)
    • Europe (Southern)
    • Europe (Western)


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Beverley Deakin
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It is 5:45am on Sunday in South Australia.