Meaning “all screens”, Omniscreen was founded to address the market demand for next generation enterprise applications.

We deliver rich media across converged networks including TV, radio and digital signage. Our flagship product, Omniscreen Pilot, incorporates a highly scalable and reliable server platform as well as a suite of applications designed to address a number of key vertical markets including Aged Care, Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Public Venues and Workforce Accommodation.

Company O7 Technologies Pty Ltd
Location Cheltenham VIC


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Omniscreen Pilot

Omniscreen Pilot is an enterprise TV and digital signage application server. It …

Omniscreen Pilot

Supplied by Omniscreen

Omniscreen Pilot is an enterprise TV and digital signage application server. It can be provided as an appliance or can be deployed in the Cloud as a SaaS offering.

Pilot is a versatile entertainment, information, and digital signage solution, which can be customised to most enterprise requirements including Government/corporate offices, broadcast and AV studios, public venues, hospitals and aged care facilities, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, airlines and railways, mining camps, and other locations alike.

Omniscreen Pilot is a reliable solution proven in commercial deployments under 24/7 operating conditions. All Omniscreen products are very easy to use.

Supplied with intuitive web-based interfaces, your system can be potentially used and managed from anywhere via an authorised PC, Mac, tablet or a smartphone.

The end user interface can be customised to reflect corporate identity and branding on all supported devices.


Current export locations:

  • Entire region
    • America (Northern)
    • New Zealand
  • Melanesia
    • Papua New Guinea
  • Polynesia (excludes Hawaii)
    • Fiji

Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

  • Entire region
    • United Kingdom & Channel Islands


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