Conni Kids

Supplied by Conni

CONNI KIDS sells reusable incontinence products to assist when potty/toilet training, for bedwetting and children with special needs.

CONNI KIDS customers include retailers, pharmacies, hospitals and commercial laundries.

Bed Pads are highly absorbent and waterproof providing protection from expensive mattress replacement while reducing the need for washing linen. Bed Pads can assist with the night time toilet/potty training process.

Kids Underwear is absorbent and waterproof and contains light bladder leakage.

CONNI KIDS Underwear is used as potty/toilet training pants and for those with special needs.

TOGGLZ Swim Shorts are extremely effective neoprene shorts for bladder and bowel containment when in the water.

TOGGLZ Swim Shorts are used for potty/toilet training children, for rehabilitation and for children with special needs.



For more than 12 years, Galway Trading (Conni) has sold reusable incontinence and nursing products in Australia and overseas. Focussing on ease of use, practicality and efficiency, our brands and product ranges provide people the opportunity to better man… Read more ›

Current export locations:

  • Entire region
    • New Zealand
  • Africa (Southern and East)
    • South Africa
  • America (Northern)
    • United States of America
  • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Singapore

Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

  • Entire region
    • Africa (Central and West)
    • Africa (North)
    • Africa (Southern and East)
    • America (Central)
    • America (Northern)
    • America (South)
    • Asia (Central)
    • Asia (Chinese) (includes Mongolia)
    • Asia (Mainland South-East)
    • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Asia (Southern)
    • Caribbean
    • Europe (Eastern)
    • Europe (Northern)
    • Europe (South Eastern)
    • Europe (Southern)
    • Europe (Western)
    • Ireland
    • Japan and the Koreas
    • Melanesia
    • Micronesia
    • Middle East
    • Polynesia (excludes Hawaii)
    • United Kingdom & Channel Islands


The following brands are also exported from Conni.

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CONNI sells reusable incontinence products for people at home and in care enviro…


Supplied by Conni

CONNI sells reusable incontinence products for people at home and in care environments.

CONNI products are sold to retailers, pharmacies, hospitals, aged care facilities and commercial laundries. Men’s and Women’s Underwear and Pads manage light bladder leakage with absorbent and waterproof protection ensuring others are unaware of their incontinence.

Bed and Chair Pads are highly absorbent and waterproof and protect expensive mattresses and furniture from all fluids. Bed and chair pads are used extensively within hospital and care environments.

Micro-Plush Fitted Sheets are absorbent and waterproof to protect mattresses from all fluids. The protection extends down the sides of the mattress.

Micro-Plush is comfortable, quiet and able to be used alone or with a bottom sheet. A pillow protector is also available in the same fabric. Micro-Plush is able to be used on all mattresses including pressure care mattresses.

Toggles Mattress Protector are waterproof with protection extending down the sides of the mattress. Toggles at each corner are used to secure the protector around the mattress, excellent for those with dexterity concerns. A pillow protector in the same fabric is also available.

Floor Mat is absorbent and waterproof and minimises slips and falls associated with wet floors. The unique backing ensures the floor mat does not move even when used on a wet floor.

Draw Mac protects linen from fluids, wounds and plaster and is used extensively within the hospital and other care environments.

TOGGLZ Swim Shorts are an extremely effective bladder and bowel neoprene containment short used when in the water for people with special needs, those undergoing rehabilitation, and for toilet/potty training.

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PICK-POCKET is sold to nurses, hospitals and aged care facilities to provide imp…


Supplied by Conni

PICK-POCKET is sold to nurses, hospitals and aged care facilities to provide improved organisation and efficiency of nurses whilst at work.

PICK-POCKET POUCH is a multifunctional external pocket designed in conjunction with nurses to conveniently carry nurses’ tools of trade. All essential items are easily accessed with just one hand when working increasing nursing efficiency.

PICK-POCKET UTILITY BAG was designed to contain nurses’ tools of trade while visiting patients or when on overnight trips. Sturdy, lightweight and comfortable to carry, it has many compartments for easy and professional organisation including a wet-pocket.

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Conni Critters

CONNI CRITTERS is sold to retailers, veterinary surgeries, dog/animal groomers, …

Conni Critters

Supplied by Conni

CONNI CRITTERS is sold to retailers, veterinary surgeries, dog/animal groomers, animal transportation companies, breeders and others for absorbent and waterproof protection from animal messes. Furniture and flooring is protected with CONNI CRITTERS.

Pet pads are highly absorbent and waterproof and provide protection for the home, car, veterinary surgeries, for groomers, as transport liners, under food and water bowls, and many other instances where protection is required.